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The Yard House rolls in 250 kegs for Keg Day

The Yard House restaurant at The Banks will be shuttling 250 beer kegs, up to 700 bottles of spirits and 56 cases of wine during Keg Day today, FOX19 reports.

Keg Day is the one morning before each Yard House opening when trucks deliver all of the alcohol. Each keg will be tagged with the date and distributor, a tap handle will be placed on the beer head and the lines will be tested.

The new restaurant will feature a keg room that can house as much as 5,000 gallons of beer at a time. The glass-enclosed room, which is kept at a constant temperature between 34 and 36 degrees, will include three to five miles of individual beer lines that stretch overhead to an island bar in the middle of the facility.

The Yard House will feature American fusion offerings and officially opens Sunday, March 24 at 11 a.m., but private pre-celebration events on March 22 and 23 will be followed by chances for the public to get a sneak peek after 8 p.m.