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New Community Authority Beginning April 1, 2019, portions of The Banks Riverfront Entertainment District established a "New Community Authority" (NCA) as recognized by the City of Cincinnati and State of Ohio. Part of this districting process was the implementation of a 1% Banks Amenity Fee. The proceeds from the fee go back into the beautification of, events at, and marketing of The Banks district for the purposes of attracting more people to enjoy our Cincinnati riverfront. We look forward to continuing to make The Banks a spectacular place for all ages and interests to enjoy.

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Welcome to a nonstop playground!

Throw on your favorite Reds or Bengals gear and cheer on your favorite team. Grab a bike or take a stroll through the park. Whatever you do, take the time to savor and soak up Cincy’s top attractions.


What's New at The Banks

DORA Entertainment District - Grab a drink and explore!

NOW OPEN! Take your cocktail for a walk at The Banks – over 85 acres to be explored! The 85-acre DORA district at The Banks allows guests to take their beverage purchased from one of the 20+ Banks establishments and entertainment/sports venues and explore our public plazas and green spaces. It simply needs to be in the Official DORA Cup!

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New Attractions

FROST FACTORY - Slushie beverages for all ages is coming Spring 2022! THE FILSON - QUEEN CITY KITCHEN & BAR - Bringing together sports fans, concertgoers, and happy hour hunters alike! Coming Summer 2022! E+O KITCHEN - NOW OPEN!! This local favorite can be found just steps away from the new Brady Music Center. Now Open! ANDREW J. BRADY MUSIC CENTER - Unique in design and capacity, the $27 million state-of-the-art facility is unparalleled to any other music venue in the region with both indoor and outdoor performance settings. Whatever your age or interest, there is something for everyone at The Banks!

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