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The Banks NCA – RFP – Charge Administrator

The Banks

Cincinnati, Ohio


Request for Proposal:

Sales Charge Administrator


Proposal Deadline and Place for Submission of Proposals:

Please submit RFP response to: Tracy Schwegmann and Laura Griffin Cloud


Tracy Schwegmann

Jeffrey R. Anderson Real Estate, Inc.

The Rookwood Exchange

3825 Edwards Road, Suite 200

Cincinnati, Ohio 45209



Laura Griffin Cloud

Nicol Investment Company, LLC

1033 Demonbreun Street, Suite 630

Nashville, TN 37203







Electronic version (in PDF format) of the response is due no later than

5:00 PM, EST JANUARY 8, 2019.


By Banks Community Authority


General Information and Purpose of Request


The Banks Community Authority (the “Authority”) is a new community authority formed pursuant to Chapter 349 of the Ohio Revised Code. The Authority plans to levy a “community development charge” as defined in Section 349.01(L) of the Ohio Revised Code on certain food and beverage sales of businesses within the Authority’s jurisdiction (the “Charge”). In connection with the calculation and administration of the Charge, the Board of Trustees of the Authority (the “Board”) is requesting qualifications of and proposals from firms able to perform the following services:


  1. Charge Administration
    1. Corresponding with tenants regarding the Charge.
    2. Preparation of Charge remittance forms and instructions.
    3. Collaborate with the Authority to develop and implement processing and collection procedures for the Charge.
    4. Calculate the amount of Charge owed by each tenant.
    5. Respond to tenant inquiries regarding the calculation of the Charge.
    6. Inspect tenant source documents to determine if the Charge is accurately calculated.
    7. Provide information and reports as needed to the Board of Trustees of the Authority.


  1. Preparation of Annual Financial Statements
    1. Prepare the annual balance sheet and related statements of revenues, expense and change in net positions and cash flows for the Authority.
    2. Adhere to generally accepted accounting principles as they relate to local government.
    3. File statements with the Auditor of State.


  1. Advisory Services, as requested
    1. Assistance in budget formulation.
    2. Projecting Charges.
    3. Provide updates at Board of Trustees meetings.
    4. Assist in other accounting support upon request.


This is a qualifications/experience-based selection process.  Qualifications, proposals and pertinent experience will be reviewed during evaluation of the proposals.  After the evaluation, the Board may request in-person interviews, in which case it is expected that the firm’s designated lead representative will be present.  The Board reserves the right to negotiate contract costs and terms after the selection process is completed.


Term of Contract


It is intended that the proposer will be selected for a period beginning approximately January 18, 2019 and continuing through December 31, 2020, with the potential of renewals thereafter.  However, the Authority retains the right to solicit additional firm service proposals at any time solely upon its determination and discretion.  The firm selected pursuant to this RFP shall serve at the pleasure of the Board and the professional services may be terminated with or without cause or at the convenience at the sole discretion of the Authority at any time for any reason.


Time Schedule


The Authority expects to observe the following schedule regarding selection of a firm:


Friday, December 14, 2018               Distribution of Request for Proposals

Tuesday, January 8, 2019                 Deadline for Proposals to be Submitted

Friday, January 18, 2019                   Selection of firm


RFP Instructions


The contents of the response should be complete in description and concise in volume.  The materials presented in the response are expected to clearly reflect qualifications that demonstrate the individual’s/firm’s capabilities and experiences in public finance, as well as in evaluation of potential public/private partnerships with appropriate risk/reward criteria for public bodies and risk allocation between public and private partners. Throughout this RFP, the term “firm” or “proposer” means the individual or firm that has responded to this RFP by submitting a proposal.  The RFP response should contain the following components in the order listed:


  1. Executive Summary, Experience, Qualifications and Personnel:


  1. Present in brief, concise terms, a summary description of the firm and its capabilities.


  1. Describe the firm’s and the assigned individual’s experience in similar types of issues as may be considered by the Authority.


  1. Key Personnel – Identify who will be assigned to the Authority (including the team lead as well as any other staff that may work under this contract), their credentials, qualifications, experience, position with the firm, availability, etc.


The Authority reserves the right to terminate an agreement if key personnel identified in the response are no longer available.  the Authority also reserves the right to approve personnel performing the work under any contract.  If the Authority is dissatisfied with any individual assigned to perform such work, the Authority may require that the respondent assign a difference person or persons to perform the work.


  1. Provide evidence of the firm’s ability to provide the services described on page 2 to the Authority.


  1. References: Respondents must provide a minimum of three references for which the firm, and more specifically, the lead respondent representative, has provided similar advisory services within the past two years.  Respondents will not receive credit during the evaluation process if references do not include a current email address.  Please use the following format for each reference:


Entity name:

Contact Person’s Name:

Contact Person’s Address:

Contact Person’s Telephone Number:

Contract Person’s Email Address:

Brief Description of the Work:


  1. The proposed fee structure – specify rates and provide minimum and not to exceed estimates for each portion of the scope of services. Provide a description of additional expenses expected to be reimbursed, if any.


  1. Acknowledgement by the firm that if selected it would have explicit fiduciary duty to the Authority.


  1. Certification of the following:


  1. The proposed engagements and services will not create any conflict of interest for the firm. If a conflict exists, the nature of the conflict must be described.


  1. The firm is not in violation of any laws or regulations which would have a material or adverse impact on the firm’s ability to provide the services described in its proposal.




All proposers are advised that proposals received by the Authority in response to this RFP may constitute public records as defined by Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43.  If your proposal contains material that you deem confidential and exempt from disclosure under Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43, it should be clearly identified and marked confidential, and should be accompanied by an explanation stating the basis for claiming confidentiality.


Any confidential material that is properly designated shall be removed from the proposal prior to release of the proposal to the public.  The determination as to the exemption from public records law of any material stamped as confidential by a proposer shall be made by the Authority.  The Authority shall assume no risk, nor shall it be held liable by any proposer for the release of any material, which proposer may designate or deem confidential.  Submittal of a proposal to the Authority shall be deemed acceptance of this covenant not to sue.


Additional Information


  1. Costs – Proposers shall be responsible for all costs associated with responses to this RFP, including but not limited to travel costs.
  2. Rejection of All Proposals – the Authority reserves the right to reject any and all responses and reissue the RFP at any time prior to execution of a final contract if, as determined by the Authority, it is in the Authority’s best interest to do so. The Authority further reserves the right to reject the response of any proposer that, as determined by the Authority, has been delinquent or unfaithful in the performance of any other agreement or interaction with the Authority (including delinquent taxes or withholding), or is not financially or technically capable, or otherwise is not a responsible proposer.
  3. Rejection in Part – the Authority reserves the right to accept or reject any or all items in a proposal and award the contract in whole or in part if, as determined by the Authority, it is in the Authority’s best interest to do so.
  4. Retention of Responses – the Authority reserves the right to retain all responses submitted regardless of whether the response is selected.
  5. Waiver – the Authority reserves the right to waive any informality, defect, non-responsiveness or deviation from this RFP that, as determined by the Authority, is not material to the proposal.
  6. Amendment and Additional Information – the Authority reserves the right, as determined by the Authority, to request that some or all proposers amend responses or provide additional information.