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Officials: Phase I of Banks project seeing success

It’s taken two and half years since it first opened, but now The Banks is almost full. There’s only one place left to rent after the latest additions were announced on Tuesday.”

The Banks is going gang busters,” said Libby Korosec, who does public relations for the downtown Cincinnati development. “We only have one space left to lease, and we’re pretty pleased about that.”

Officials revealed a Mexican bar and restaurant called Jefferson Social is planned for the Banks, owned by the people who own Jefferson Hall in Newport on the Levee. It will open in April.

“It’s going to be quite smaller than the place across the river, and they’ll be serving more of a Mexican themed food,” Korosec added.

Some are happy about the new variety.

“There’s not really a Mexican place down in this area so to have a Mexican place down here will be really neat, too, so I’m looking forward to that,” said resident Brian Leonard, who also plays for the Cincinnati Bengals.

In addition to Jefferson Social, Jimmy John’s, a gourmet sub sandwich restaurant will also open in April.

“Jimmy John’s is a great place to go eat, and I’m really happy about that,” adds Leonard.

People who work nearby are also welcoming a somewhat lower-priced place to eat.

“I think it’s a good idea,” commented Jeff Zupp. “It will be a nice place to have an affordable place to buy lunch. There’s a lot of nice places around here but some of them are kind of pricey for lunch so, I mean, why not?”

Under construction still is a bar called ‘Yard House’, a national chain similar to the Moerlein Lagerhouse, which specializes in different kinds of beer.

“We’re finding that you can come down to The Banks any given day of the week, and you can find something you’d like to do, something you’d like to eat, some entertainment and people are really enjoying it,” said Korosec.

Open retail establishments are The Holy Grail, Tin Roof, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Johnny Rockets, Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill, Orange Leaf, Crave, Mahogany’s and the Police Welcome Center. In addition to Jimmy John’s and Yard House Restaurant, The Wine Guy Bar & Bistro is signed but has yet to open.

The luxury apartments at The Banks are not only sold out, but have been for quite some time. Officials say there is a waiting list of about 50 people at any given time.

“They’re really nice,” Leonard revealed. “Some of the apartments have balconies. My apartment has hardwood floors, which is really nice. The kitchens are great. They have granite countertops, all the amenities you need. It’s really nice”

Officials say retail at The Banks has already brought more than 300 new jobs to the region and $600 million in investment.

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