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Newest restaurant at The Banks promises to be open by Opening Day

The newest addition to The Banks needs to fill its staff before Cincinnati Reds Opening Day.

It’s down to putting the final touches on the place as the 30-foot bar was installed. The night pizza window is already in place as crews hammered and finished building the restaurant.

The owners of Holy Grail are behind Santo Graal, which is the same name in Italian.

“There hasn’t been any Italian concepts down here. We’re going to have a pizza window. It’s going to be open late night,” Paul Goebel said.

Pizza by the slice will be available before, during and after Reds games. The new restaurant takes over the space where Mahogany’s used to be, next to Holy Grail. Everything was gutted and built from scratch.

“I just think it will be great, because so many people want to come downtown and it’s not just about drinking, but actually come downtown for an atmosphere for dinner, get out with their wives. I think it’s a great idea,” The Banks visitor Jerri Strohm said.

Reds fans who walked to The Banks Tuesday said they plan on doing the same for Opening Day on April 6 and during the All-Star game in July. They welcomed more options.

“I think it’s very important, because they’re really competing with other bigger cities, we’re finally getting into it,” The Banks visitor Lori Dunaway said.

Crews are hustling so Santo Graal will be part of that competition.

“Hopefully, we can put our best food forward,” Goebel said.

Right now, owners are in the middle of the hiring process. They need about 40 people for the new restaurant. Santo Graal is still taking applications. It’s scheduled to open March 25.

When it’s all done, the new restaurant will serve $15 to $20 entrees.