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Cincinnati Urban Design Review Board wants more pizzazz from The Banks hotel

The city of Cincinnati’s Urban Design Review Board wants to see something more original in a new hotel planned for The Banks.

The board, primarily composed of architects , is charged with advising the city manager on the “appropriateness and conformity” of private development in the Central Business District. In other words, they get to weigh in on what a building looks like and how it fits into the space around it.

Developers of the AC Marriott presented their interior and exterior designs to the board Thursday. The hotel will be built just to the west of Great American Ball Park.

Board members said they preferred AC hotel designs in other cities.

Winegardner and Hammons Inc. , the hotel’s developer, said The Banks presents a unique challenge.

“We’re trying to fit in with what was there — with the Moerlein, the Hall of Fame, but also upgrade it and differentiate it from the apartments, because there’s a lot of the same with the apartments,” Terry Dammeyer said.

Winegardner and Hammons will make changes and present them to the board later this month.

The board makes recommendations to the city manager; it’s ultimately his decision on whether to approve the design.